You may post a copy of this list, or portions thereof, on your site to raise awareness of autism issues. This list contains the same links shown on Aspergian Pride’s web links page and is generated automatically.

41 seconds: Autistic Awareness Autistic speech processing differences illustrated

A Changeling’s Alternate Reality Story: Halloween 2005 A tale of becoming, in others’ eyes, something not quite human…

A Place for All An essay about pride and the freedom to be oneself

A Touch of Alyricism A blog dedicated to the equally fascinating topics of autistic advocacy and the sisterly sophistries of radical gender feminism

Abnormaldiversity A blog opposing neurological discrimination and asserting the value of all human beings

Academic Autistic Spectrum Partnership in Research and Education Community based participatory research project focusing on the perspective of autistic adults

An Autistic Speaks About Autism Speaks A “Daily Kos” article from the neurodiversity side of the autism debate

An Exploration of the Neurodiversity Movement An article discussing the neurodiversity movement and its social implications

An Unauthorized Neurotypical Thinks and Feels Among Boxes A girlfriend of an Aspie contemplates neurodiversity issues and what it means to be normal

And Stimming With Rainbows of Every Design The blog of an autistic teen who wants the world to become autistic-friendly

Andrea’s Buzzing About A blog that discusses autistic human rights issues from a social theory perspective

AS Parenting Autistic parent forum and blog promoting healthy family relationships

Asperger Square 8 “We all have labels, acknowledged or not, because the world has an unmanageable number of facets…”

Asperger’s: making intelligence a disease A professor of psychiatry discusses the emotional harm done to many children by the negative social value judgments in medical and disability labels

Aspergian Pride Celebrating the accomplishments and the inherent worth of autistic people

Aspie Mama A blog about the experiences of an Aspergian mother

Aspie Rhetor Discussion of autism, rhetoric, and other issues

Aspies for Freedom An international civil rights activist group

Aspies Inc. Is Asperger Syndrome a disability or a gift? YES.

ASPIES–a place for self-advocacy Advocacy ~ Support ~ Pride ~ Identity ~ Education

Aspitude! A blog seeking to promote a better understanding of the needs of autistics

Astrid’s Journal A young woman who is blind and autistic blogs about disability rights

Autiemom Speaks Out A mother’s blog advocating social acceptance and respect for autistics

Autism – Natural Variation Dispels crackpot theories of autism, criticizes questionable treatments, attacks stereotypes and demeaning descriptions, and highlights good science

Autism All the Time A blog by an autistic self-advocate who wants to become a teacher

Autism and Computing Discussion of computer-related careers and how computers benefit the autistic population

Autism and Empathy This site exists to undo stigmatizing myths about autism and empathy

Autism as Academic Paradigm A professor criticizes prejudiced attitudes and discusses autistic competitive advantages in academia

Autism Hub A group of autism-related blogs written from various perspectives

Autism National Committee Promotes the right to self-determination

Autism Network International A self-help and advocacy organization

Autism Reality A documentary film featuring interviews about the autistic experience

Autism Women's Network Providing effective supports to autistic females of all ages through community, advocacy, and resources

Autism’s Edges A mother’s blog on life, love, and learning with a child at the edges of the autism spectrum

autismherd A mother celebrates and finds joy in all of her children

Autist Art: Autism with an Attitude An online source for autistic pride and anti-cure merchandise, with links to autistic advocacy sites

Autist’s Corner The dark alley where feminism, autism advocacy and literary criticism meet

Autista A blog about a father’s attempts to be useful to his eleven-year-old son who has an autism diagnosis

Autistic Civil Rights A look at the rights and dignity of autistic individuals

Autistic Hoya A Georgetown University student blogs about disability issues and the autistic community

Autistic Passing Project Anonymous people on the autistic spectrum describe the pressure to pass as non-autistic

Autistic People against Neuroleptic Abuse An advocacy group that warns against dangerous and unnecessary medications

Autistic Pride Day Blog Photos and stories about two beautiful and proud young autistic dancers who perform to raise awareness of neurodiversity

Autistic Self Advocacy Network A nonprofit organization run by and for Autistics, seeking to advance disability rights principles with regard to autism

Autistic Speaks Not despite autism but because of it

Autistics Speak An article that challenges the disability stereotypes perpetuated by groups such as Autism Speaks and the resulting prejudices The Real Voice of Autism Civil rights advocacy and resource links

AWEtism A mother expresses thankfulness for her blessings; this site sells T-shirts and other merchandise with positive “AWEtism” messages

Ballastexistenz Amanda Baggs’ blog discussing autistic liberation and disability rights issues

Beautiful Child The story of an autistic boy and his family learning and loving and growing together… a story of acceptance for all children regardless of labels

Becoming Real An essay describing the joys of being an Aspie

Being Nearly Human An autistic blogger seeks to understand consciousness, life, human behaviour, and “normality”

Biodiverse Resistance A blog “in defence of biodiversity in all its forms, liberty, equality and the freedom to be different”

Cat in a Dog’s World Thoughts on autistic self-advocacy from an autistic cat lover

Changing perceptions: The power of autism A researcher advocates describing and investigating autism as a variant within the human species

Club 166 Where a dad of two great kids (one on the autism spectrum) muses about life

Constructing Autism A professor describes autism as a social construct that arose in the context of the modern world’s anxieties about environmental contamination and cultural and technological change

Cracked Mirror in Shalott Blog of an advocate and writer who loves history, progressive politics, anthropology, Doctor Who, and randomness

Curing Neuro-Bigotry “Autism is not a ‘tragedy.’ It is diversity.”

D and DJ’s Weekend Two autistic boys who communicate with keyboards become close friends

Disability Studies Quarterly, Vol. 30, No. 1 (2010) Special issue on autism and neurodiversity

Diversity is Beautiful …neurologically unusual people deserve to exist like everyone else

dkmnow The blog of a 40ish midwestern spectrumite, informal student, volunteer and e-activist

Dr. Morton Ann Gernsbacher’s Laboratory Autism and language comprehension research articles

El's Mystery A site describing an autistic musician’s work and his view of the world

Embracing Chaos A mother of three writes about faith and the meaning that underlies the appearance of chaos

Existence is Wonderful A small piece of the universe observing itself

Falling into Place A mom on the spectrum finally makes sense of her life

Farewell to Holland A response to the widely circulated essay “Welcome to Holland” about raising a child with a disability

First signpost late in life The blog of a recently diagnosed Aspie who describes himself as “happy, healthy, well employed and married to a woman that I love very deeply”

Gestalt An autism and psychology discussion forum

Hard Won Wisdom A mother writes: “As a parent and teacher… here is the blog never around when I needed it. I hope it helps!”

How to Spot Bias in Research In a column written for the Association for Psychological Science, Professor Morton Ann Gernsbacher points out how research on autistics and other groups is often biased by unfounded assumptions

humans A website advocating for, and providing information to, people on the autistic spectrum and their friends and families

I Am Autism Autism truth from the inside looking out

Illusion of Competence A blog about disability in society, the media, and history

In My Language A video about different ways of interacting with the world

Incorrect Pleasures The blog of an autistic stay-at-home mom who collects interesting facts and figures involving autistic culture and other related themes

Infinite Diversities “I am a person first. But my autism doesn’t come second. It prefers to be with me at all times.”

Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical A parody of autism research

It is not a disease, it is a way of life A news article about the campaign to celebrate difference, rather than cure it

It’s All Okay A mother writes: “Our future is bright and promising. This beautiful child grows and reaches new heights every day. Yeah, he’s not typical. But is that really such a terrible thing?”

Jared at the Park A father’s view of his “beautiful boy” running around and playing

Journeys with Autism A woman who discovered her autism later in life shares her journey

Just let them be kids “My son and others like him are not defective…”

Just Stimming… On disability, disability justice, and growing up and living as an Autistic girl

Katy Doesn't Live In Smithton Pro-neurodiversity, pro-vaccines, pro-disability rights, anti-cure

Left Brain/Right Brain Kevin Leitch’s site for autism news and opinion

Life in the New Republic A mother describes her life with an autistic son and how she finds the Jedi philosophies of Star Wars to be useful

Life with Aspergers A blog focusing on the positive aspects of the condition

Life With Joey A mother of “two lovely boys, one with autism” shares her experiences

Lindadiva’s Autism Rights Page A site discussing prejudice against autistics

Liv’s Journey A father describes his life with five children, two of whom are on the autism spectrum

Loving Lampposts Information and a trailer for an independent film about autism and the neurodiversity movement

Memoirs of an Autistic Dwarf Fantasy battles and real-life civil rights struggles

Model Aircraft Museum 100% pure Autistic expression, by and about

MOM – Not Otherwise Specified “On raising a son on the autism spectrum, progressive politics, pop culture, and coffee addiction”

Mom Embracing Autism The blog of a busy homeschooling mom of 4 children, one of whom is autistic

Mother of Shrek A mom blogs about her hope for a more understanding and accepting world

Multi Web Vista’s Neurodiversity Page “Diversity is not just the way we look, but the way we think!”

My Little Rainman An autistic child’s mother describes her pride and joy

My thoughts on… An autistic woman blogs about her advocacy work and future research in the field of autism

Navigating College Advice from self-advocates for college students on the autism spectrum

Neurodiverse Thinking A blog discussing current issues in the autistic rights movement

Neurodiversity A 12-year-old autistic boy seeks “unfailing respect for the individual”

neurodiversity (idea) “The concept that variance in neurological structure adds needed diversity to the human race.”

Neurodiversity Chain Letter A parent’s comments on developing a more tolerant and inclusive society

Neurodiversity Weblog Kathleen Seidel’s blog discussing her efforts to raise awareness of neurodiversity issues

Neurodiversity: In Praise of Dappled Things An essay on appreciating the beauty of natural differences as a part of God’s creation honoring the variety of human wiring An excellent collection of resource links for understanding the concept of neurodiversity

Neurotypical What is the standard that identifies one person as whole and capable and another as disabled and broken?

No Autistics Allowed Michelle Dawson explores discrimination against autistics in Canada and elsewhere

No Myths Public service announcement seeking to dispel autism myths

Normal is Overrated Musings and meanderings on the autistic spectrum

Odd One Out Reality with a refreshing slice of aspie

On Our Own Terms: Emerging Autistic Culture An article on the history of autistic culture

One Dad’s Opinion A father writes: “I have three cherished sons, two of whom are autistic, and this occurrence in my life has opened my eyes to the sometimes wonderful, always interesting world of autistic perspective.”

Passing for Neurotypical What it’s like for Aspergian families “in hiding”

Paula C. Durbin-Westby Autistic Advocacy Blog Writings and presentations (or links) to autism/autistic advocacy work

Perseveration in the Workplace Some people just can’t stop talking about…

Prism*Song A blog with autitude, mixing fantasy fiction and autistic community issues

Proudly Autistic Autistic pride T-shirts, etc.

Radical Neurodivergence Speaking About autism, epilepsy, ableism, sexism, activism,other -isms, intersectionality, & other things

rdos blog Discussion of neurological differences in information technology, as well as possible genetic origins of such differences, and an “Aspie Quiz” developed by autistics

Reflections by elmindreda Writings discussing the autistic experience

Reports from a Resident Alien A journal exploring the experience of being autistic in today’s world

Rethinking Autism Videos ridiculing celebrity exploitation of autism

Say it loud, autistic and proud A magazine article describing autistic activists’ struggle to establish basic rights and to end prejudice and discrimination

Shift Journal of Alternatives: Neurodiversity and Social Change Speculative articles on social and evolutionary changes as they relate to autism

Simul Iustus et Peccator A blog that addresses a variety of issues related to neurodiversity, disability rights, and gender identity

Society for the Prevention of Autism Prevention An autistic university student blogs about her life and thoughts

Stop. Think. Autism. A mother advises other parents to stop and take a deep breath — autism is not the end of the world

Susan Senator A mother writes about her emotional journey to acceptance and understanding of her autistic son

The Autism Acceptance Project A Canadian nonprofit group that seeks to tap into human potential and dignity

The Autism Life Resources and a discussion forum to help parents, caregivers, family, and friends learn about autism

The Autism Prenatal Testing Eugenics Programme A mother asks: Where is the public outcry?

The Autistic Distinction An essay on the need for social acceptance of neurological differences as a healthy and natural part of human diversity

The Face of Autism The first five years in the life of “a wonderful, exuberant, mostly non-verbal boy with autism”

The Gifted Visual Spatial Learner An article about the educational needs of visual spatial learners

The Joy of Autism A mother’s thoughts on family life, society, and disability

The Kingdom of Laurentius Rex The website of a divergent thinker

The point of view of an Aspergian A blog about autistic pride and civil rights

The Truth about Autism: Scientists Reconsider What They Think They Know Wired magazine reports on the autistic rights movement and how it is influencing research

The Voyage A mother’s blog about life, family, home-education and autism

This Is Who I Really Am An autistic blogger who signs herself “unashamed” writes about her love of life

Turtlemoon “a difference in mind doesn’t make someone less human. It makes them worth listening to.”

Ventura33′s Neurodiversity Page A discussion of autistic civil rights and a writing challenge on a Star Trek fanfic site

We Go With Him A mother’s blog about life with her autistic son

Welcome to Normal, Population: 0 Packing up old prejudices, preconceived notions, and unrealistic expectations

What are they thinking? The blog of a proud mother of six children, five of whom are autistic

Whitterer on Autism A mother comments upon the more humorous aspects of keeping company with autistic children

Whose Planet Is It Anyway? Blunt comments on civil rights, neurodiversity, and consciousness-raising

Why Label? An essay on autistic identity and challenging prejudice

Word Spy on Neurodiversity Discussing the concept of neurodiversity

You and Me Against the World A mother fights for acceptance of her autistic child

You and Your Quirky Kid In a Newsweek article, a mother expresses her concerns about modern society’s labeling of children’s differences